The LaundryPass Difference

With respect to the many LaundryPass customers, and yet to be customers, who operate a large facility with a great quantity of machines, one may expect that the transition to LaundryPass systems would be laborious. However, with greatly satisfied clients under our belt, LaundryPass has proven to make the transition easy and efficient. In a short time, your laundromat could be transformed into a sophisticated, state of the art facility that will highly impress anyone who enters its space.

The LaundryPass technology has endured many factory testings and improvements to ensure a top notch result to its clients. Aside from the efficiency of the LaundryPass system, the product has been designed to be very user friendly and simple to use, an essential component for today’s busy and technologically discriminate clientele.¬†Additionally, the masterminds of LaundryPass are experienced technicians and installers, who will always stand ready to provide any assistance, both with initial setup and maintenance, so you are guaranteed a smooth and money making experience throughout. Reliability is what makes LaundryPass the preferred address for your laundromat services.