Why Switch to LaundryPass Systems

For decades, laundromat owners and users alike have had their share of frustrations with the imperfections of the industry. Customers have been carrying around many tens of quarters to feed their machines, in addition to the weight of the laundry they brought to wash. They then had to dispense the quarters into the machine one by one, wait for the machine to update, and only then start the machine. Often there were faulty machines that did not detect the money deposited, resulting in loss to the customers, and ultimately to the owners. In today’s technologically advanced world, shouldn’t there be a better way? Well, now there is! As with all the advancements this generation has enjoyed by leaps and bounds, the LaundryPass system is sure to forever transform the way we do laundry. With the simple and instantaneous card reading of the LaundryPass system, the time it takes to start a machine is dramatically decreased, and usage is hassle free. Customers can keep tabs on their card balance and easily refill their cards at their convenience. In addition, owners can enjoy the knowledge of their customers remaining steady and loyal when filling up their cards to pay for several washes.