TLP1024 B

The TLPFUM-1024 units are constructed with heavy-duty solid steel, featuring 1 T-handle tubular lock with propri- etary anti-vandal measures, including resistance against forced-entry attacks with specially designed access doors and concealed hinges. The Laundry Pass add-value stations are designed to service high-volume traffic with ease through the use of a unique contactless card reader, that enables fast turnaround through RFID technology.

Value can be added through the credit card swiper (TLPFUM-1024BL) or the included bill acceptor, configurable to accept $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 bills, and upgradeable to accept $50 and $100 bills. The bill acceptor is capable of storing up to 500 bills, and can be upgraded with a high-capacity stacker to store a large number of bills.

Each station comes outfitted with a two-line bright readout, showing the current status, and the card balance and amount paid, upon sensing a contactless card. The unit can also be managed locally through the included configu- ration keyboard, obviating the need for network connectivity.

TLP1024 B product sheet  [PDF]
TLP1024 B specifications  [PDF]
Model configurations  [PDF]