The TLP-410 Contactless Card Reader is the accumulative result of many years of strenuous research invested by our engineering team to attain a product that is easy and convenient to use, performs efficiently and consistently in any environment, while attaching unobtrusively to any laundry machine, and blending seamlessly with the com- mercial washer and dryer look. Our reader features a bright LED screen that displays the card balance and price, which can be set individually per day, and per week, right down to the cent, and can be entirely disabled based on time of day, consequently disallowing new sessions near closing time.

For additional fine-tuned control, we are offering the MP models, which are outfitted with a multi-price button, enabling additional price modes for use with stackable machines, or allowing selectable run times, and top-offs. The readers can also be configured locally, without the need for the internet, through the optional programming keypad. Comes with plug and play connectors, and can be easily installed by replacing the coin acceptor.

TLPCR410 product sheet  [PDF]
TLPCR410 specifications  [PDF]
Model configurations  [PDF]