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Laundry Pass Difference

The LaundryPass Difference

With respect to the many LaundryPass customers, and yet to be customers, who operate a large facility with a great quantity of machines, one may expect that the transition to LaundryPass systems would be laborious. However, with greatly satisfied clients under our belt, LaundryPass has proven to make the transition easy and efficient. In a short time, your laundromat could be transformed into a sophisticated, state of the art facility that will highly impress anyone who enters its space.

The LaundryPass technology has endured many factory testings and improvements to ensure a top notch result to its clients. Aside from the efficiency of the LaundryPass system, the product has been designed to be very user friendly and simple to use, an essential component for today’s busy and technologically discriminate clientele. Additionally, the masterminds of LaundryPass are experienced technicians and installers, who will always stand ready to provide any assistance, both with initial setup and maintenance, so you are guaranteed a smooth and money making experience throughout. Reliability is what makes LaundryPass the preferred address for your laundromat services.

Why Laundry Pass

For decades, laundromat owners and users alike have had their share of frustrations with the imperfections of the industry. Customers have been carrying around many tens of quarters to feed their machines, in addition to the weight of the laundry they brought to wash. They then had to dispense the quarters into the machine one by one, wait for the machine to update, and only then start the machine. Often there were faulty machines that did not detect the money deposited, resulting in loss to the customers, and ultimately to the owners. In today’s technologically advanced world, shouldn’t there be a better way? Well, now there is! As with all the advancements this generation has enjoyed by leaps and bounds, the LaundryPass system is sure to forever transform the way we do laundry. With the simple and instantaneous card reading of the LaundryPass system, the time it takes to start a machine is dramatically decreased, and usage is hassle free. Customers can keep tabs on their card balance and easily refill their cards at their convenience. In addition, owners can enjoy the knowledge of their customers remaining steady and loyal when filling up their cards to pay for several washes.

About Us


In today’s high tech environment, it is crucial to provide customers with practical, time-saving solutions. Since 1990, our company has  been at the forefront of manufacturing advanced payment systems of all kinds. With the tireless ambitions of our engineers, who steadily improve and reinvent, our company has left impressions on many major public service facilities by installing gym turnstiles, meter systems, bus payment systems, parking lot systems, and more!

Following 20 years of innovation, ingenuity and hard work, our company has evolved into its latest success – The Laundry Pass. With our dedication to quality, smart solutions, we bring a refreshing confidence in the laundromat industry reaping the benefits of the groundbreaking technology our many satisfied clients have enjoyed for years! Our enthusiasm will transform your laundromat, and ultimately the experience of your customers. In addition, Laundry Pass will provide your company with unprecedented controls through our data reporting system, which will provide useful analytics and numerous time and money saving features. Find out how you can save with Laundry Pass today!


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